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Alpha Egg Chair&Ottoman w/ speaker

Item number:MKF02D
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Sound Isolation, Clear Accoustics & Audiophile Sound. The unconventional shape and construction of the Egg Chair make it perfect for both sound isolation and excellent accoustics. Its chamber-like shape and upholstered interior cancels out most outside noise, providing a unique environment for meditation, relaxation and just getting away from it all. Not only is it perfect for home use, but this dynamic has also made the Alpha Egg Chair a desirable tool in the field of psychology.Listen to your favorite CD, watch a movie, or play video games in surround sound like never before. Home & Commercial Use. Egg chairs have been featured in commercials, films, trade show displays, and furnished in thousands of homes all over the world. Although this is a quality replica of the original, we're sure you will be satisfied of the outstanding similarity and quality of the product. the chair we are selling is a high quality reproduction

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