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Established in 1999 Mooka Modern Furnture Co Ltd is a privately owned enterprise.In the past 10 years, Mooka Modern Furniture has expereienced enormous growth in the production and manufacturing of timeless classic furniture.Our product range is broad and includes home furniture,garden furniture,office furniture,and so on.We mainly provide an OEM service for our global clients,whilst being flexible to manufactureto customere specific requirements."Customer Care and Quality First" is our ongoing priority.
Our reputation is of high importance and has been gained by delivering excellent customer service and delivering what is promised.Our skillfull production team repeatedely delivers and conforms to plan ensuring your exepectations are met.
Continued feedback is sought and our customers trust has been earned through partnerships and strong growth of their own businesses.
We play an important and pivotal role in the furniture industry ,domestically and globally.Our key export partners are in the U.S.A., UK, Germany,Australia, France and Italy.We are always exploring new opportunities in the export market and welcome those enquiries.
With the cooperation and support of friends and customers in all circles, Mooka Furniture is looking forward to creating a brighter future in the field of classic furniture.Don't just take our words for it. You are most welcome to visit us here in the factory!

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